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September 19, 2021

Breakfast in Hollywood 1946

This is a movie version of one of the most successful radio shows of the 1940s. Breakfast in Hollywood began airing in 1940 on Los Angeles station KFWB, and quickly became popular enough to be aired nationwide. It eventually aired on 3 networks, NBC, ABC and Mutual. The show lasted until 1948, when Breneman suddenly died and, failing to find a suitable replacement host, it was cancelled.

At the peak of its popularify, the radio version of Breakfast in Hollywood was estimated to reach a daily audience of ten million listeners.

This film provides a rare opportunity to see two of the most entertaining acts of the 1940s, each performing two musial numbers on camera. The Nat King Cole trio swings through both “Solid Potato Salad” and the jivey nonsense song “It’s Better to Be By Yourself.” Those crazy cats known as Spike Jones and His City Slickers pay musical tribute to “Hedda Hopper’s Hats,” and later perform one of their signature tunes, the jokes and sound effects laden wacky take on “Glow Worm.” IMDB

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