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September 19, 2021

Stuart Randall

Indestructible Man 1956 w/ Lon Chaney Jr.

“Butcher” Benton goes to his death in the state prison, cursing the three men who double-crossed him following an armored-car hold-up; “Squeamy” Ellis, Joe Marcelli and Paul Lowe, his attorney and leader of the gang. He vows to return and […]

I’ll Give My Life 1960 w/Angie Dickinson

John Bradford expects his son Jim to join his engineering firm, but Jim instead joins the ministry, attending a seminary for four years before being assigned to New Guinea. John’s secretary is Jim’s sweetheart Alice, who is left behind for […]

The Hoodlum 1951

Vincent Lubeck is a vicious ex-convict. His criminal activities are despised by his family, but he uses and abuses them in the course of his crimes. Eventually his own brother must stand up to him. IMDB