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September 19, 2021


At War with the Army 1950 w/ Jerry Lewis

The film is set at a United States Army base in Kentucky at the end of 1944, during World War II.[4] The protagonists are First Sergeant Vic Puccinelli (Dean Martin) and Private First Class Alvin Korwin (Jerry Lewis), who were […]

Pack Up Your Troubles 1932 w/ Laurel & Hardy

The boys’ Army buddy, Eddie Smith, is killed in the trenches in France, leaving his baby girl an orphan. Back home after Armistice, they try to find Eddie’s father and turn the child over to him. Unfortunately, they keep coming […]

The Flying Deuces 1939 / w Laurel & Hardy

Oliver is heartbroken when he finds that Georgette, the inkeeper’s daughter he’s fallen in love with, is already married to dashing Foreign Legion officer Francois. To forget her, he joins the Legion, taking Stanley with him. Their bumbling eventually gets […]

ThH1965 w/ Sean Connery

World War II, in a British disciplinary camp located in the Libyan desert, prisoners are persecuted by Staff Sergeant Williams, who made them climb again and again, under the heavy sun, an artificial hill built right in the middle of […]

The Enemy Below 1957

During World War II, the USS Haynes, an American destroyer escort discovers a German U-boat in the South Atlantic. A deadly duel between the two ships ensues, and Captain Murrell must draw upon all his experience to defeat the equally […]

McHale’s Navy Season 1×36 | “Uncle Admiral”

McHale’s Navy Season 1×36 | “Uncle Admiral” 27 Jun. 1963 Binghamton makes Parker his personal aide, in the hope of impressing Parker’s uncle – an admiral on the Promotions Board (played by Harry Von Zell). But the admiral is uncomfortable […]

McHale’s Navy Season 1×32 | “Parents Anonymous”

McHale’s Navy Season 1×32 | “Parents Anonymous” 23 May 1963 McHale and the crew take in a young orphan girl, and go out of their way to make a happy home for her on their island. But their extraordinary behavior […]

McHale’s Navy Season 1×33 | “McHale’s Millions”

McHale’s Navy Season 1×33 | “McHale’s Millions” 30 May 1963 During a mission to investigate the crash site of a Japanese transport plane, McHale and the crew recover four million dollars in American cash. Thinking that it is counterfeit, they […]

McHale’s Navy Season 1×29 | “Instant Democracy”

McHale’s Navy Season 1×29 | “Instant Democracy” 2 May 1963 Binghamton needs help from Chief Urulu and his tribe to modify the Taratupa airstrip. Urulu – angry over a bad deal with Gruber, involving Navy property – flatly refuses. But, […]